Italy. Art, Bel Canto & Dolce Vita

Art, harmony, history … And Bel Canto everywhere. Italy is the cradle of civilization.

Midnight in Paris

Visit locations used in the Woody Allen movie “Midnight in Paris.” The French say that “Paris will always be Paris.”

The Royal Valley

Discover some of the most famous Chateaux of the Loire Valley – heritage of the French Renaissance.

Madrid & the Pilgrimage Walk of Santiago

This ancient route of St. James lets you experience the real life of a Pilgrim whilst admiring some of Spain´s medieval cities.

La France à déguster

Cheese, wines, exquisite French cuisine, and glamour — all of the essentials for your unforgettable journey through France!

The Breeeze & the Smell of Penedès

Located in Catalonia, Penedès has gentle mountains and very tasty wines. In the hotel Mas Tinell, you will experience what it´s like to be inside a bottle of cava.

The Wine Cathedrals of La Rioja

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Sensations of Andalusia

This itinerary takes you to the world of sensations of Andalusia. From Sevilla to Jerez discover another way of seeing the world!

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